About us

The interior

Restaurant Portofino is located in the quiet center of Riga in an Art Nouveau building on Ausekļa Street. The Old World-style interior is complemented by high ceilings, large windows, paintings, noble woodwork, and authentic old mirrors.

The Cuisine

Portofino’s menu features classic Italian cuisine that has been adapted to the local eating traditions. We are extremely proud of our high-quality seafood and fish dishes, pasta, as well as, risottos, steaks, desserts, and vegetarian dishes.

Our culinary vision

The diversity of Italian cuisine is united by 3 core values:

  • vrecognition of delicious and quality food as one of the most important values of life;
  • high-quality and authentic ingredients are the main condition for the success of a culinary masterpiece;
  • geography and history as an understanding of product combination and compatibility.

By following these 3 rules and uniting them with our love of cooking, work, and our guests, we work with real joy every day.

La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiare bene – culinary science is the art of enjoying food. In our restaurant, each dish is born as a creative idea that is polished to perfection before it is served to our clients.

La scelta di certi ingredienti – careful selection of ingredients, respect for flavor combinations together with impeccable freshness and quality. These are the first and most important ingredients for culinary success.

Our team - an integral part of Portofino

Each of us, with our sincere attitude, diligence, and professionalism, brings unique details to the overall portrait of our restaurant. The range of gastronomic sensations and unique atmosphere is the result of the joint creative process of our team. As masters of service and cooking, we know how important the trust of guests is. Therefore, we pay special attention to provide a welcoming and authentic experience to each one of our visitors.